Fans are anticipating "My Academy Hero" in chapter 279 which was delayed by a week. Things have been tricky as villains are on their way to destroy the city.

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 279: Midnight is feared they may have died as villains in advance of the city to wreak havoc

UA students know that they have to act quickly, even if their superiors are not there to help them. They are very concerned as civilians are the ones who suffer the most if Gigantomachia and the rest of the bad boys are to set foot in the town of the city.

Summary of the Previous Chapter [BNHA]

In the previous chapter of "Boku No Hero Academia" which was aptly titled "Walker Disasters," Gigantomachia and the giantess superhero Monte Virgen have been found. However, he was captured by the awakening giant after learning that Tomura Shigaraki has awakened as well.

When the Giant and the rest Shigaraki are reunited, they shout to celebrate as their Liberator has arrived. However, he learned that he is still incomplete and this detail stunned. With a prematurely formed leader, he realized that he couldn't be as powerful as they think he would be.

Midnight was following the group of villains in the woods and she tries to get a closer look at Gigantomachia, she witnessed how the giant monster just threw Mount Lady away. She has been informing UA students what is happening so they can prepare, but their connection was cut off when Midnight was captured and the villains conspired on her.

At this point, it is to be feared that she might have died. Creatinine heard through their communication device that Midnight has been attacked and now they have to work together to put the Giants to sleep as planned. This is the only way they could defeat him and Momo was in charge of making this happen.

Spoilers and release date - Chapter 279

Fans know for sure whether or not Midnight survived in "Boku No Hero Academia" in Chapter 279. There is a chance that someone rescued her from the hands of the Liberation Army so that she could be alive, but This has not yet been revealed in the next chapter.

UA students are going to be very busy as the villains head towards the city they want to protect at all costs. If their strategy of putting the Gigantomachia to sleep was successfully carried out in "Boku No Hero Academia" in chapter 279, it would be easier for them to get rid of him and battle with their allies.

Finally, “Boku No Hero Academia”, in chapter 279 aired in August. 2. Fans can see the scans ahead of the official version that will be available between July 29 and 31.