Latest and most accurate spoiler information of My Hero Academia chapter 279: Yaoyorozu's plan succeeds. Gigantomachia is defeated?

Spoiler My Hero Academia chapter 279: Gigantomachia falls into a hole. Superhero Academy Attack!

Gigantomachia is approaching the place where UA Academy students are stationed. Under Yaoyorozu's leadership, the plan to take down the giant begins!

At the beginning of the chapter, the Mudman of class 1-B moved closer to Gigantomachia. With the help of another student, he began creating a giant mud pit to restrain the villain. At the center, all preparations are complete. All students unanimously determined to win this battle.

Carrying the Criminal League on his back, Gigantomachia was rushing across the ice to Shigaraki's place, despite all the efforts to hold MT. Lady. The heroine could not help but grab the giant's leg and was dragged on the ground by him. However, she had no intention of giving up and still tried to slow him down as long as possible.

Gigantomachia advanced and gradually entered the mud pit Mudman created. He was slowed down and could not move. Right at that moment, sprouting wires were shot, piercing directly into Gigantomachia's chin. The UA students grabbed those ropes and tried to pull down the giant.

Under the stressful situation, Gigantomachia forcefully blew a breath, sweeping away the students. However, this did not affect the plan Yaoyorozu created. She detonated the bombs that had been installed throughout the forest, causing the ground to sink deeper, causing the giant to lie on the ground.

The opportunity to attack came, the other students rushed to face the Alliance of Crime. MT. Lady also took the opportunity to climb Gigantomachia to lie down. Understanding Yaoyorozu's plan, MT. Lady tried to open the giant's mouth with his hand.

 From the forest, Mina appeared with a huge mass of poison. She rushed to Gigantomachia, attempting to shove the poison into his mouth. The chapter ends right here.

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