In the previous chapter, the death tree is a relative for the bomber who feels responsible for the retirement of Almight. However, it seems that the current dead tree is not in the eyes of bombers. Heroes who are trying to stop the dead tree aiming to exist beyond all-for-one that lost to all-might.

[Updated] Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 278 Latest Spoilers

The bomber also surprised the dead tree by taking advantage of the fact that he was not in his eyes. Around this time, Mt. Lady managed to stop Gigantomachia at Gunshi Sanso.

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 278 "The Bombshell's Surprise Is Void"

The bomber, who was not recognized as an enemy by the dead tree, was not shocked by it, but instead used it to mount an attack. It seems to have dealt a lot of damage to the dead tree in cooperation with Endeavor, but it will be almost no damage. The body of the dead stalk is so strengthened. Deku became a fascinating decoy of the dead tree as the bombers hit it, but maybe this was a failure.

It is a dead tree that will be blown away if attacked, but since it can withstand it, it may close the distance with Deku.

BNHA Spoilers #2 "Can't stop Gigantomachia"

Mt. Lady can't stop Gigantomachia! The Jakuzou Hospital has disappeared, and it is now the site of the former Jakuzou Hospital, but Gunji Sanso still remains. However, Gigantomakia carrying the executives has begun to move from that group.

Among the heroes fighting at Gunshi Sanso, Mt.Lady is the only one who boasts a size sense that can cross Giganto Makia, and actually, Mt.Lady stops Giganto Makia with his whole body, but there is an overwhelming difference in power. Would be Mt.Lady alone cannot stop Gigantomachia if he is disturbed by the executives, and allows him to head to the dead tree.

BNHA Spoilers #3 "Is it right after I start running?"

If Gigantomachia defeats Mt. Lady and starts heading to the dead tree, how soon will it arrive? The distance between Jakuzou Hospital and Gunshi Sanso is 80km. Gigantomakia has a huge body and moves quickly, so if it does not stop, it will arrive at the former serpent's cavity hospital site in less than an hour.

It may take about 30 minutes at the earliest. The actual distance is no longer 80km as the hero and the citizens are away from the Jakubo Hospital and Izuku and the others move in another direction. Even so, if there is no big difference, if it can not be stopped as it is, Gigant Makia and the executives will arrive without being able to deal with the dead tree.


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