The heroes have gathered around and discovered that the perimeters have been broken. Jiro Jack told the others that there is bad news, something big is heading towards them. Mount Lady tries to stop Gigantomachia, who just woke up, Machia wants to go to where Tomura is. This week's post is about the release date of Chapter 279 of My Hero Academia, and a summary. Let's see what will happen next.

Boku No Hero Academia Manga Chapter 279: Spoilers & Release Date

Dabi tries to stop Kamui and Midnight. A villain wants to go protect Re-Destro. Gigantomachia is thinking of using the shortcut that goes to her teacher. He keeps yelling that he's on his way, that he's waited too long. Mt Lady and others think that the team in Jaku must have failed and should back down. Let's see more updates below.

My Hero Academia Chapter 279 Release Date

Next Sunday, My Hero Academia is on hiatus, it will return in August. My Hero Academia Chapter 279 will launch on Sunday, August 2, 2020. The new episode of My Hero Academia launches every Sunday. Unfortunately, spoilers for Chapter 279 have yet to be released. Let's take a look at what happens next.

Previously on My Hero Academia

Iceman Geten is still alive and Cementos said they must put their lives on the line for the work they are doing. Edge-shot arrives and finds Gigantomachia rampaging. Edge-shot believes that the presence of Gigantomachia means that Tomura has awakened with all her power. Gigantomachia screams what the heroes did for their taste and release.

Mt Lady is still trying to stop Gigantomachia and Kamui told her to wait. Gigantomachia ended up pushing Mrs. Mt and he is trying to escape. Kamui carries Midnight behind him, who told him to stay focused. Midnight told Kamui that he must bring her closer to reach his goal. They have to stop Gigantomachia before it reaches the city, otherwise, the power will not be able to stop it.

Mr. Compress gets in the way of Midnight and Kamui, who are trying to prevent Gigantomachia from reaching the city. Mr. Compress attacks them and they separated while chasing the attack. Mr. Compress said it is foolish to take heroes for granted. He said that while attacking Midnight that he had suffered some injuries.

Midnight is lying in bed bleeding thinking about Quirk who can stop the villain. Midnight thinks they are helpless and receives a call from Yaoyorozo that they managed to stop Gigantomachia using Jiro's sound wave and Shoji's eye. Midnight suggested that there is no other option, they should put Gigantomachia to sleep. Yaoyorozo prepares with his group to face the enemy.

Way to read chapter 279 of Boku No Hero Academia

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