Spoiler Warning! Theories of how Momo saves the team and the identity of the traitor revealed in the manga of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia: New Spoilers! Manga 279 and Plot Theories

The spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 279 in the manga should have been out by now if their posting hadn't been interrupted. However, fans on the anime's Reddit page have created certain theories that are as good as the actual spoilers. 

One of them talks about how Momo Yaoyorozu has gathered the students of Class 1-B to fight Gigantomachia, this in chapter 279 of the manga and thus stop the huge villain once and for all. Latest spoiler notice!

Manga 279 from My Hero Academia

Shigaraki faces only the best professional heroes and needs the help of his bodyguard. There are also fan theories that the Pro Heroes team has a traitor and his identity will be revealed in the next chapter of the manga. Below, we tell you the updates we collect.

Spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 279 and Reddit theories suggest that the traitor could also help the League of Villains escape if Momo's plan really works. It might also be possible for him or her to help Shigaraki escape, in case her incomplete transformation worsens.

A hero could die in chapter 279

Fans also predict that Shigaraki will kill at least one of the professional heroes so that the manga series can establish its level of threat. Deku would lose Gran Torino or Aizawa to the new All For One and only then would he activate a new peculiarity.

Momo plans to drug Gigantomachia and put him to sleep so everyone has a chance to escape. It is possible that this bodyguard injured some students in chapter 279 of My Hero Academia.

Delay in My Hero Academia manga

The release date of My Hero Academia Chapter 279 has been pushed back to Sunday, August 2, 2020, in stores, according to the official VIZ website. Scans of the manga would leak 2 or 3 days earlier on the Internet and spoilers would be out around July 31, but it is best to wait for the official launch.

Fans can read chapter 279 for free here on Doctoridcomic.com or on VIZ media, Shueisha's official Shonen Jump website, and platforms. You should always read the manga legally, as this helps creators and motivates them to make more interesting stories.