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In the previous chapter, Ideku, the bombers, and the nearby heroes struggle to stop the death tree, but the death tree still does not stop. The death pattern tree, which says that he obtains the one for all by his own will rather than all four ones's will increase in strength, and Gigantomakia has begun to head to the death pattern tree.


My Hero Academia [Chapter 278] Latest Story Spoilers Synopsis

When Oro noticed that something huge was approaching, the heroes rushed to the front with the internship left behind. The resistance by Mt. Lady was only a restful moment, and Gigantomachia was certainly approaching the dead tree. Jihad is moving on top of Gigantomakia with ignorant executives, but Gigantomachia is unaware that there are people above him. Gigant Makia is delighted to meet the dead tree while running.

Cement tells the heroes to fight for their lives, but at the same time Li Destro is popping out from the basement. Li Destro reveals his anger at the heroes, knowing that Gigantomachia's activation means an "incomplete wake-up" of the dead tree. The heroes try to support Mt.Lady even a little, but Mt.Lady himself is thrown into Gigant Makia like trash. Mt. Reddy's anxious mid-ring, Midnight, now asks to bring him to the position of Gigantomachia's face in order to concentrate on stopping Gigantomakia.

At that time, a flame came flying towards Shinrin Kamuy. Only after being attacked by Zodi, Midnight realized that there was a villain on Gigantomachia's back. Midnight was hit to the ground without reaching Gigantomachia's face.

Midnight reached out to eight million, feeling uncomfortable. Midnight asks for anesthesia to stop Gigantomachia, which is impossible to stop. This is against the law, but there is no other way. It was eight million people hesitated to move according to the words of Midnight, but I decided to give anesthesia if I would escape.

With the help of others, the size of Gigantomakia was measured, and eight million people had given anesthesia enough to stop Gigantomakia. In Gigantomakia today, Mt. Lady in tatters and Shinrin Kamui on it cling to it. Eight million decide not to escape and await Gigantomakia with everyone as per the latest spoilers.

My hero academia [278 Chapter] impressions

It was regrettable that Mt. Lady, who had been working hard to stop Gigantomachia, had been blown away as if it had no meaning at all. There is an overwhelming difference in power. Gigantomakia is a troublesome place, but in reality, there is Li D'estro who is as big as Gigantomakia.

In the battle between Li-Destro and Dead Manikin, Dead Manikin won because the power of Dead Maniwake awakened, but it is not an easy task. Now the students have started to stop Gigantomakia, but can we really stop it?

My Hero Academia Next Chapter

Next time, I have high expectations for the success of interns. Eight million who have prepared anesthesia to sleep Gigantomachia according to the instructions of Midnight.

I plan to jump into Gigantomakia with my own anesthesia, but this anesthesia is not enough for the required amount. Not everyone can drive anesthesia. It would be nice if I hit even one and it has a good amount, but I will see it next time.

I pray that there will be no damage to the internship students who do not escape, although it is unknown whether Giganto Makia can sleep under anesthesia.

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My Hero Academia [Chapter 278] I have summarized the spoilers and impressions of "Disaster Walk" and the expectations for the next chapter.