The next "MHA" in Chapter 279 will continue from the moment Gigantomachia is approaching the city and UA students are trying their best to keep out of it to protect everyone. Momo Yaoyorozu who is also known as Creatinine is going to play a big role in this battle and she is at risk of being killed as she leads the students.

My Hero Academia Chapter 279 release date, spoilers: Midnight of Fate turns grim after being attacked by villains

My Hero Academia Chapter 279 Spoilers:

The story will continue in "My Hero Academia" in chapter 279 and, first of all, the Midnight of Destiny would be revealed. She was attacked by a group of villains and Momo was not able to contact her ever again, so it is possible that she could have died at this time.

Then again, for some twist on "My Academy Hero" in chapter 279, someone might have come to rescue her from the Liberation Army. UA students have also been deployed to protect the city and they could participate in a battle in the next episode with Momo leading them.

Also, Fans will be able to see if Momo was able to sedate the giant, but she is more likely to succeed, especially if the students are copies of her.

MHA Chapter 279 Release date

"MHA" in chapter 279 was scheduled to arrive in August. 2, as for Manga MORE. The scans will be in advance between July 29 to 31.

Previous Chapter Summary 

In the previous "MHA" 278 chapter titled "Walker Disasters," Gigantomachia has demonstrated meeting and heading to Mt. Ms. While standing face to face, the other villains were hiding from the first lap. At this point, the bad guys also came to realize that his powerful ally Shigaraki is not yet 100% complete so he was awakened prematurely.

Re-Destro was in a battle with Edge shot when he realized that the Giant and hit him that Shigaraki has arrived. He went so crazy after learning that his leader is under attack and put himself in danger when he was forced to wake up, making him incomplete. At this point, he asked his followers to start a riot.

Midnight trie to get closer to the Gigantomachia that just launched Mt. Lady away. She now knows that the heroes in Jaku may have failed her mission, so now she must stop the giant before he can focus and destroy the city. However, she was attacked by Dabi and was injured so her only option was to call Creatinine.

When Midnight wasn't hurt yet her original plan was to sedate the giants and put him to sleep, but she couldn't do it now and it's all up to Momo if this plan is going to work. But sadly, Midnight was attacked again by the other villains and they lost contact with Creatinine.