My Hero Academia Chapter 279 We will deliver the latest consideration of spoilers. In the previous story, Mt. Lady was defeated, and Midnight who helped to get over it contacted 8 million while becoming full-blown.

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 279! Will the Best Genist Appear in a Great Pinch?

Eight million decide to fight after struggling. Eight million people have a stronger sense of responsibility than others, but what kind of strategy is to move Group A and Group B? In Chapter 279 of Boku No Hero Academia, the confrontation between Group A and Group B vs. Gigantomakia is expected.

If Gigantomakia stops, it will significantly reduce the opponent's strength, so I hope everyone will do their best!

Let's think about what kind of operation the eight million had set up immediately!

  • Eight million who started to stand out as a leader? 
  • Todoroki is the Toya of Todoroki!? 
  • Where is Miss Midnight? 
  • A little stunned by the technique of death tree Endeavor!? 
  • When Kakchan is in a pinch, does the best Genist come? 
  • Would you like to participate in Rumilion?

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 279: Latest consideration of spoilers!

The previous Chapter ended with Group A and Group B vs. Gigantomakia trying to confront Gigantomakia, but what will happen this week!? How good are the male and female students in confronting that giant!

Also, on the back, there are riders such as Zoda, Toga, and Mr.. 

I thought about how to confront this element and what happened to the Deku-chan side.

Eight million who have begun to emerge as a leader together!

Mt. Lady and Shin Rin Kamui clinging to Giganto Makia desperately, and clinging to them, aren't they going to exhaust themselves before they reach the students? You shouldn't leave that enemy clinging to it!

The first thing we have to do is to separate Gigantomakia and Zodiac. Gigantomakia is walking at a tremendous speed, but first of all, we must stop moving!

If you use the powers of Mineda, Sero, Shiozaki, and things to stop the movement, the beautiful day comes to a stop, and then you do not have to fall asleep, it would be great if you could be rampaged by that giant. It would be helpful if someone could come here to get me a roar (the ice wall). Todoroki and Zodiac have a temporary camp at the forest camp! I want you to return it here firmly!

Todoroki is the Toya of Todoroki! and where is Miss Midnight?

The basis is as follows.
  • The color of the eyes is light blue for Endeavor, Todoroki-kun, and Zodiac.
  • Only Endeavor and Todoroki are reading with full names.
  • Hawks' shocking look when Tadaaki reveals himself to the Hawks who are longing for Endeavor.
  • Therefore, there is a high possibility that Jitai is a Todoroki.

It might be a siblings showdown!

Also, Midnight is likely to be attacked by an enemy (Villan) from behind when it is in a fully wounded state. I think anyone can help, but will anyone come? It was a villain that was clearly Mob-chara-like, so if it's the usual Midnight, it should be sleeping right away. Can you, as a pro, squeeze your last power to put your enemies to sleep?

Also, will eight million give instructions to devote some to the rescue of Midnight? But I feel like we can't beat Gigantomakia unless we all confront... I want you to help Mit Knight!

A little stunned by the technique of death tree Endeavor!?

As expected, I want Endeavor's technique burnishing fest to work (crying) I want you to dream! I want you to have a dream before the death tree has revived and had a dream coming out of your teacher!

At this point, the teacher (formerly all-for-one)'s ego is still incomplete, so I think I will be a little stunned if I receive some shock. And I think you can understand the feelings of your teacher even a little, and if you listen carefully, you can be useful in important situations.

I want the eraser head to blink while fainting (laughs)

When Kakchan is in a pinch, does the best Genist come?

It's a dead tree that I haven't shown much interest in for now, but I wonder if it's time to come down because it's an obstacle. At that time, the best genius is to rush! Hawks was carrying a body that seems to be the best jeanist in order to make him believe that he was not a spy.

Jihai said, "It doesn't matter if you are the person or not," but I think it's highly possible that you haven't confirmed yourself due to the nature of the person. No, nobody trusts him, so from the beginning he would have suspected the Hawks!

Todoroki is introduced to the Endeavor office when he is worried about being rejected due to the absence of the best jeanist office. There was a scene where Kutchan was silent as the person who helped him heard the hero's name.

Kakchan said, "I have decided on the hero name, but I have to say it first," so I think it's the best jeanist. Isn't the hint here collected by the best genieist coming to the pinch of Kakko? I'm looking forward to what kind of hero name!


This time, [Boku No Hero Academia 279 chapter latest consideration! A group B group vs Gigantomakia!? ]] was examined. Will the Group A & Group B joint strategy be successful?

Will Gigantomakia stop! ? Up until now, I have only seen professional heroes, but it seems that serious heroes of the future heroes can be seen. There was a pro hero at least nearby on the intern, but I'm worried because there may be some children who are new to the battle without a pro hero nearby.

I'm especially worried about Mr. Mineda (laugh) Do your best Mineda! I'm looking forward to seeing how the story of Boku No Hero Academia 279 will evolve, and I can't wait to wait.