We are pleased to announce the latest confirmed breaking news of 279 episodes of my hero academia, which will be published in the weekly Shonen Jump issue on Monday, August 3, 2020.

My Hero Academia Chapter 279 Spoilers & Release Date

In the previous chapter of My Hero Academia Manga, Gigantomakia continued to advance. Even Mt. Lady can't completely stop her, and she falls into tatters, clinging to Gigantomakia's feet and trying to slow her progress.

In addition, the re-destro will also be revived, and professional heroes will become full-blown one after another. All that was left behind were the students of Group A and Group B who were waiting in the back.

Can the students who were entrusted with the blocking of Gigantomachia from the tattered Midnight really stop here? I am looking forward to what kind of development will be made in My Hero Academia in the future. This time, I will deliver "My Hero Academia Spoilers 279 episodes latest breaking news] Can you stop Gigantomakia?"

The latest story of Hiro Akane spoilers 279 episodes considered

How will the story move in this situation where the battle between Gigantomakia who continues to advance and the dead tree is intensifying battles? I would like to introduce possible future developments of My Hero Academia.

Please note that it includes spoilers up to 278 latest episodes of My Hero Academia. The stress of "I do not want this situation" has revived the restro. Re-destro's individuality (intelligence) is "stress", the ability to turn accumulated stress into power, and it can exert its power only in "situations that you do not like."

Re Destro, who has been strengthened by his strong personality and has been greatly enlarged and dyed black, attacks the pro heroes.