Chapter 278 of the My Hero Academia manga could experience an unexpected pause now that the date it is supposed to be released has been mentioned.

My Hero Academia postpones Chapter 278 of the manga

Information shared by Weekly Shonen Jump magazine suggests that Chapter 278 of the manga, which would take place next week, will be postponed until the next two weeks.

“ My Hero Academia Chapter 278 appears to have changed its release date to July 19 instead of July 12, meaning the series could suddenly experience a break this week and resume the next. Nothing is certain yet, so we will have to wait until more information is provided. 

Currently, the manga crosses one of its most chaotic arcs within the series. The war between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front led by Tomura Shigaraki finds its climax with the awakening of the new power of Shigaraki.

As the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Shigaraki will put her newly acquired power to the test with the series' heroes, including One for All's successor, Deku.

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