Hello. From the weekly Shonen Jump released on August 3, 2020, I have summarized the spoilers, impressions, and next-episode consideration expectations of my hero academia [279 chapter] "enemy alliance VS Yuei Sei".

In the Previous chapter, Gigantomakia, who started moving toward the dead tree, could not be stopped even with Mt. Lady. Heroes struggling due to the obstruction of Li Destro, who learns that the dead tree has awakened in an incomplete state.

Midnight reluctantly prioritized to stop Gigantomachia and asked for 8 million anesthesia.

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 279 Latest Story Spoilers Synopsis

Madman's watering uses the individuality to soften the ground. If you don't take Lizardi quickly, you will have to remove the water if Gigantomachia is already in front of you. All the students have a bottle of anesthesia issued by 8 million, sharing the information that the Villan Alliance is on the back of Gigantomakia.

Normally, anesthesia is performed by injection, but it is necessary to anesthetize a large amount of 30 L as calculated from the size of Gigantomachia, and in addition, it is difficult to inject 800 million orally I decided to. If anyone could throw the bottle into Gigantomachia's mouth, he would sleep. Students move, believing that Midnight is also alive. Mt. Lady clings to Gigantomachia, but is simply dragged and has no effect. At that time, however, Gigantomakia was caught in a trap made by the water and fell down in front of her. A large amount of Mineda's ball installed on the ground and a rope attached to the ball cling to Gigantomakia's chin, and students who are proud of their strength pull the rope to prevent Gigantomakia from standing up.

Ojiro, shoji and Aoyama threw pointers at the villain allies on Gigantomachia's back. It was a pointer to prevent everyone from being hit by the electric shock of Kamakume, but Mr. Compresse was disturbed by Mr. Compress before the attack. Meanwhile, the students throw bottles one after another at Gigantomachia's mouth. Gigant Makia exhaled. Far from the bottle, the students will be blown away by the wind pressure. The fire burns away the trees around him, says Gigantomachia is a "guardian" with energy to excite when excited and a pain-free personality.

When the students can't get close to each other because of the fire, Gigantomakia will start to rise. But the next moment, Gigantomakia will sink deeper into the ground. Eight million had set up a bomb in the trap they had made.

Spinner is proud to say that Gigantomachia can dive into the ground, but if he dives, the Villan Union will die. Compress says Gigantomakia may have a pinch on the contrary when Gigantomachia is accompanied by the Villan Alliance. Meanwhile, Mt. Lady became a horseman and held down Gigantomachia.

Realizing that the students were trying to put something in his mouth, Mt. Lady forces Gigant Makia's mouth open. In the flame, Ashido is heading there.

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 279 Impressions

When I saw the students doing their best, they seemed to cry even though there is no possibility of winning. I can't say that everyone is cooperating. Even though Gigantomakia is difficult, there is a disturbing villain coalition on his back.

Students who do their best in such circumstances cannot help but support. I support Mt.Lady who desperately wants to stop Gigantomakia because the students are working hard.

You can always apply anesthesia to your mouth with the fine play that opens your mouth.

Upcoming BNHA Chapter Expectations

Sleep if you can put a bottle of anesthesia in your mouth. This is not a final decision yet, but a calculation only. Gigantomakia is equipped with a fighting personality. If Shiga is prepared to fall asleep and prepares for her own personality, her students' efforts will be wasted, and on the contrary, their strength will be reduced at once.

Everything about the enemy is unexpected. Right now, there is no choice but to throw it in your mouth hoping that the anesthesia will work. If the dead tree fell during that time, it would be another.


Boku No Hero Academia chapter 279, We have summarized the spoilers and impressions of "Enemy Union VS Yusei" and the next episode's consideration expectations.