Today here at, I summarized my hero academia [280 Chapter] spoiler consideration and development forecast.

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In the previous chapter, the students decided to take anesthesia from the mouth to make Gigantomachia sleep, and the students stopped the movement of Gigantomakia and jumped in with anesthesia. The strategy did not go well, and while it was difficult to approach Gigantomachia due to the fire of Zodiac, Ashido was approaching Gigantomachia alone.

Then, in this article, I summarized the spoilers and impressions of my hero academia chapter 280.


My Hero Academia [280 Chapter] The latest story spoilers

The forest was instantly turned into a sea of ​​fire by Koji. Some students were blown away by too much momentum, while others were unable to escape because of the fire. Ashido was one of them. Ashido, who is wearing viscous armor and is not burned by fire, headed for Gigantomachia while desperately suppressing his fear. They believe that Midnight is alive and they know exactly what they need to do.

Gigantomakia changed his mind when Ashido tried to throw anesthesia at the mouth of Gigantomakia, which Mt. Lady was holding. To get to the Lord quickly, we should erase the obstacles. Because it is the main. Ashido was familiar with Gigantomachia's voice. When I was a junior high school student, the villain I was involved with in Ashido's friend was Gigantomachia.

At the same time as the anesthesia left his hand, Gigantomakia grabbed Mt. Lady with his right hand and threw it away. And I try to crush Ashido with my left hand. When Ashido was wrapped in the darkness of Giganto Makia's big hand, Kirishima jumped out and sheltered Ashido. Tetsuto saw Kirishima heading to Ashido, without worrying about the heat of the fire. I don't know the safety of Kirishima, but Tetsu is trying to escape with Ashido.

Gigant Makia places the villains firmly back on their neck. At that time, Kirishima climbed the left arm of Gigantomakia. Kirishima's anesthesia, which claims to be a hero and that blood does not flow behind him, is destroyed by Toga, but Kirishima has the anesthesia of Ashido and throws it into Gigantomachia's mouth. It was Before the unprotected Kirishima is attacked by Gigantomakia, other students collect it. Heroes struggle until anesthesia turns.

On the other hand, a dead tree has fallen down on the side of the serpentine hospital. Endeavor says that the hero will not yield to destruction without belief, but Dead Tree says he had faith, and his body begins to crack.

My hero academia [280 Chapter] impressions

Kirishima's hero name "Retsuyu Yurito" really represents Kirishima itself. I strongly felt that I could rely on it. After I helped Ashido, I thought that Kirishima was in a very dangerous state because the image of Kirishima seen by Tetsu Tetsu was drawn. Even though it was hard, I thought that it would be useless if it was crushed by Gigantomakia. That's why I was happy to be alive, and I'm glad that he was even more active.

I love the mysterious relationship that looks like friendship or romance like Kaminari and Otoro, Kirishima, and Ashido.

My Hero Academia Chapter 280 release date

My Hero Academia chapter 280 will release on August 11, 2020. This is a summary of the spoilers, impressions, and next-episode consideration predictions of "Retsuyuyori Yuto.

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In this talk, after going to the point where Gigantomakia was given anesthesia due to the great success of the students, the current situation of the dead tree was drawn. The dead tree that had been hunted down before I knew it. Next time, I'll just rewind a bit to find out what happened. Since the last time was overdue to a sudden hit by a bomber, he probably allowed the attack from Endeavor. But it will never end here. The real horror is here, as the battle with the Li Destro.