We are pleased to announce the latest confirmed bulletin of My Hero Academia Chapter 280, which will be published in the Weekly Shonen Jump issue on August 11, 2020. In MHA Manga's previous Chapter, group A and group B heroes finally stood up to stop the gigantic Gigantomakia.

My Hero Academia Chapter 280: Release Date & Spoilers [Detailed]

They combine each other's individuality well, temporarily succeed in stopping Gigantomakia, and try to throw the anesthesia created by 8 million into their mouth. However, the villain riding on Gigantomakia's back and Gigantomachia himself, who noticed the obstruction, blown away the hero who jumped into the air.

At that time, it seemed that there were no students who could move anymore, and there was only one Ashido standing up. With anesthesia in one hand, the acid produced by her personality is worn on her body and jumps into the sky.

While being dragged, Mt. Lady desperately clings to Gigantomakia and tries to open her mouth, entrusting her heroes with her thoughts. Will Ashido be able to throw anesthesia into Gigantomachia's mouth? I am looking forward to what kind of development will be made in My Hero Academia in the future.

 Chapter 280 - My Hero Academia Latest Spoilers & Considerations 

In this situation where the battle between Gigantomakia who continues to advance and the dead tree is intensifying battles, how will the story move in the future?

I would like to introduce possible future developments of My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 280.

Who will stop the resurrection of the re-destro?

The stress of "I do not want this situation" has revived the restro. Re-destro's individuality (intelligence) is "stress", the ability to turn accumulated stress into power, and it can exert its power only in "situations that you do not like." Re Destro, who has been strengthened by his strong personality and has been greatly enlarged and dyed black, attacks the pro heroes.

As expected, he was even described as Li Destro, the supreme leader of the Open Armed Forces, who himself made many professional heroes incapacitated. Who would stop this re-destro? Some pro-hero rankings are already out of combat, No. 1 Endeavor is currently engaged in the Dead Tree, and No. 3 Best Genist is missing.

When Re-Destro released his power, fat heroes such as Fat Gum were receiving the power up close as far as they could confirm. With the hero side being pushed gradually, I am wondering who will stop the re-destro.

Is Midnight saved?

Midnight tries to approach Gigantomakia with Shin Rinkamui to make Gigantomakia sleep. However, the two were made impossible of battle by the hands of Zodiac and Compress. Despite being tattered, Midnight instructed the eight million waiting behind to stop Gigantomachia.

However, the shadow of the villain who is pursuing is approaching to stop the breath of Midnight from behind. Will Midnight be chased and killed as it is? Not all pro heroes are fighting with Li Destro, so I think another pro hero in the vicinity could come to Suketachi.

In addition, the villain who came after the pursuit is not a coward or a compress, it seems to be a bottom edge, so I feel that it may be possible to repel midnight himself. It seems that the Midnight scene will not give up, and if you can use the unique "sleeping incense" even a little, I think there is a chance.

Can Ashido stop Gigantomakia?

The group A and group B heroes had been blown away by a gigantic breath by Gigantomakia, but only A group Ashido did not give up and tried to challenge Gigantomakia. Using the special technique "Acid Man", which was created by her unique "acid" and wearing a viscous max acid, she flew up while melting the trees around her. With this special move, Acid Man, the sticky acid has a mass, so there is little concern that it will be blown off even if the breath comes again in the jumped state.

Furthermore, if there is interference from the villains, Ashido wears acid all over her body. Whether it's a blazing fire or a compression attack by Mr. Compress, the whole body of acid protects you from those attacks. Furthermore, even if the villain or Gigantomakia attacks directly, the acid can dissolve the opponent's body and turn into an attack. As long as there is no unexpected attack or interference with Mt. Lady who opens Gigantomaki's mouth, Ashido will be able to throw anesthesia into Gigantomachia's mouth.

Enemy Union vs Yu Hideo!

Gigantomachia, who had been pulled down by the softening of the ground due to the bone removal of Group B, and the villains on their backs were not shaken off, but I was surprised at the impact.

The mysterious Takubi, Vampire Girl Toga Himiko, Mr. Compress and Spinner, and the former executive skeptic of the Incompetent Army are surrounded by Group A and Group B heroes and professional heroes. Here, at the same time as the Gigantomakia Attack Obstruction Operation, the battle between the enemy coalition and the Heroes is likely to begin.

There are some students who can not fight, such as those who are supporting to prevent Giganto Makia from standing up and the singer who has been attacked by Mr. Compress and Giganto Makia. The most troublesome of the above-mentioned members of the enemy coalition is probably Takubi.

He has the ability to force him into incompetence, even though he has abruptly struck a spying Hawks.

Is it possible for the heroes to hunt down and secure the executive rank of the enemy coalition, which is difficult even for professional heroes?

Himiko Toga looking at a disturbing gaze

In order to prevent the fallen Gigantomakia from rising again, the students in Groups A and B are desperately trying to sew Gigantomachia to the ground. Higako Toga looks at these male and female students from above on Gigantomakia's back with disturbing eyes.

At the time of the forest camp, Toga Himiko attacked Group A rainy season Frogbuki and Ochiko Reibi, and fell in love with the main character Deku at first sight.

In the provisional license examination, students often show some interest to Group A students, such as taking a bold approach to Midoriya using their individuality.

The conflict with the Liberation Army revealed the unusual taste of Toga Himiko and its past. Did you feel anything that stimulated her heart from the appearance of Yusei? Or is it that the efforts of the male and female students hinder Togahimiko's anxiety and are merely frustrated? I can't read Tomihiko's thoughts, and I have an eerie feeling that I'm about to take some action.

Can Deku & Bakugo counter the dead tree?

In one of the previous chapters, scooped up by Gran Turin and taken out of combat, but returned to help Eraser Head. I know that Deku and the bomber have retired if they can't win at once, but can they fight?

In the previous chapter, the current power of Deku was revealed in the monologue of the bomber. Normally, it is possible to output up to 30% and instantaneously raise up to 45%.

Also, The bomber calmly analyzes his current Deku, saying that he is in a state of desperate biting. A bomber who once looked down on Deku and could not allow him to go in front of him. However, the appearance of accepting Deku and his position objectively this time, accepting them, and still trying to eat without pessimism seems to show his inner growth, and I am deeply moved.

Is the dead tree tied to all-for-one? & Gigantomakia

From the mouth of the dead tree, he voiced that he should get one for all. This is probably an all-for-one voice. Deku is also consciously meeting the successive one-for-alls. Therefore, at the time of taking over One For All, I think that I am connected to the successors of the past. And in the same way, isn't the dead tree and all for one connected? All-for-one is still alive, so I suppressed it this time, but maybe I could take over the body of a dead pattern tree.

Also about Gigantomakia whose personality has not been revealed yet. Midnight was entrusted to stop the male and female groups A and B from stopping Gigantomakia, who was attacking under him to join the dead tree.

Desperately looking Mt. Lady also clings to Gigant Makia, but to the reader witnessing his anomaly revealed in the main story in the end, there is no concern. Without using individuality, Gigantomakia has the inherent durability, the huge sense, and sharp senses in battle, and the overwhelming power to have the stamina to continue the battle for more than 48 hours. Is it possible to stop the attack of Gigantomachia and prevent the merger with the dead tree?

And will the individuality of Gigantomakia, which has never been revealed in this volume, be revealed here?

Power of Dead Tree

At present, the dead handle tree has been erased by the eraser head and is in a state where it cannot be used. However, even in such a situation, the death tree avoids the attack of Endeavor and heals his own body. In other words, not only individuality but even the power of the element was showing considerable growth.

The jump when chasing Deku was not the power of individuality, but the power of nature. Endeavor feels like power like an all-might. However, according to the doctor, the dead tree is still less than alumite.

Excessive remodeling of the body puts a strain on the brain, so it could not be as strong as alumite.

However, when I think so, I feel that the strength of alumite in its heyday was really amazing.

Near high end

I feel that the near high-ends have a stronger personality than they have ever seen. There are various appearances such as dogs with ears and teeth, necks covered with dentition, wings, etc., but the power exceeds the high end so far.

Even professional heroes have been struggling to beat even the high-ends that have been hitherto, but there are many high-ends with more power than that, and there is only despair. However, according to the doctor, these near high-ends have not reached the testing stage. Could these small holes be the key to breaking the hopeless development?

Death pattern tree that can manipulate "collapse"

It was already known that the "destruction" of the dead tree was becoming more powerful, but this time he said he adjusted the death pattern machine to prevent it from destroying the neo-high-end capsules.

In other words, it is possible to perform fine control so that it collapses while avoiding the neo-high end location.

You can avoid allies and aim at only the hero to destroy it properly.

Dead pattern trees that can control the individuality of the collapse will use the individuality without hesitation unless the eraser is erased.

Deku and Bakugo who protect the eraser head

At this stage, the only personality of the dead tree "collapse" can be sealed off is Eraser's personality "disappearance." Desperately, while being supported by other heroes in this volume as well, he is holding back the individuality of Death Tree, but Death Tree himself relentlessly aims for the life of Eraser Head.

It was Deku and a bomber who arrived under the dead tree, but Gran Turin and Endeavor were asked to avoid the battle. However, in order to protect the eraser head, they will enter the battlefield with the dead tree. Deku, the power difference between the bomber and the dead tree is clear. How do you survive this pinch?

The disappearance of individuality & Eraser Head

It turned out that the device found by Exres in the 270th story of MHA was a vanishing bullet made from the personality of the ablation. It seems that most of them have become unusable due to the collapse of the dead tree, but saying "almost" means that some remain safely. At what timing will it be used by whom in the future?

On the other hand, The eraser head's personality is awkward, and it's a bad personality for All For One. You may want to erase the individuality of the eraser head here. However, as the doctor said, "I wanted it," you may think that simply deleting it is a regrettable personality. The dead tree now has an all-for-one personality and can deprive others of their personality and use it on their own, so they may not use vanishing bullets for erasers.

Endeavor & What is the condition of Hawks?

While everyone was evacuating, the figure of Endeavor going through the waves of this collapse and heading towards the death tree was a hero.

However, it is the endanger that is the closest to the dead tree and the most dangerous.

It's hard to think of dying here because Endeavor still has a lot to do with it, but it's possible that a vanishing character could make it impossible to fight. As for hawks, Fat Gum finds the darkness of flying with Hawks.

After seeing the Hawks for a glimpse from the darkness of the body, I grasped the situation and instructed me to go to first aid. I think the Hawks, who have been evacuated to the rescue, are now far from life-threatening.

However, since he is the only person who knows the secret of Zodiac, it is likely that he will remain unconscious for some time.