Hello. The release date for Volume 28 of "My Hero Academia" will be Friday, September 4, 2020. In this article, I have summarized the contents of "My Hero Academia" Vol. 28.

My Hero Academia Manga: Volume 28 - Story, Spoilers & Impressions

In previous volume, the heroes set out to attack the Dead Tree. High-end brainless people appear in front of the heroes when they hunt down the shells (formerly Shiga) in the Jakutsu Hospital.

The heroes proceed to the depths to defeat the brainlessness and catch the escaped shells.

My Hero Academia [Volume 28, 268] Spoilers "SCRAMBLE!!"

The eraser head's personality capped the high-end brainlessness in regenerative abilities and other characters.

However, since brainlessness is gradually awakening, he enters the blind spot of the eraser head and attacks using his personality. Mirko, trying to destroy the capsule containing the dead tree, is pinched with one brain left behind.

Mirko is helped by Endeavor for the shortest time but tells him to break the capsule containing the dead tree earlier than himself.

My Hero Academia [Volume 28, Episode 269] Spoilers "Three People"

Mirko became incapacitated, and instead, Exres and Present Mike aimed for a dead tree capsule.

Eraser Head's part was given a regretful feeling towards Shiraun. Mike used his individuality to destroy the dead tree's capsule before the shell (formerly Shiga) caused the dead tree. I also beat the shells. It is a powerful punch that also conveys the feelings of Aizawa and Shiraun. Since the dead pattern tree that came out of the capsule did not move in the asphyxia state, the shell tree collapsed.

My Hero Academia [Volume 28, Episode 270] Spoiler "Succession"

To stop the brainlessness, Present Mike grabs the shell (formerly Shiga) and returns on how he came.

Imagine a world in which peace collapses, and the shrub rejected by the world says that only All For One acknowledged himself.

At that time, the family desperately tries to draw the spirit of the dead tree in asphyxia, but the dead tree seizes the all-for-one hand.

My Hero Academia [Volume 28, Episode 271] Spoilers "Dark Cloud!!"

Toko darkness felt a pinch of Hawks and flew to Hawks alone. Beyond that, Tattered Hawks and Zodiac were trying to kill them.

The darkness tries to help the Hawks, and in the meantime, he is taught that Hawks killed Twice. Tokuji, who is quite upset, tried to escape from this place, now that he just had to help the Hawks. What Hawks did was right, and Toko darkness had to assume.

My Hero Academia [Volume 28, 272] Spoilers, "Good morning!"

The dead tree has awakened. Simultaneously, the serpent's cavity hospital began to collapse from the standing part of the dead tree, and those who touched it collapsed.

Heroes who can't go unless they run. The eraser head gets caught in the brain, but the crust, which had begun to collapse, finally helped. The collapse that spreads all over the city. It reaches back to the students who help the citizens.

My Hero Academia [Volume 28, Episode 273] Spoiler "Voltage of Ruin"

I erased all the objects around me, and one dead tree in the center of an empty place contacted Gigantomakia as soon as I noticed a smartphone's existence.

On the Gunshizanso side, the heroes say they have the upper hand, but some Toga who were among the heroes killed them to kill Twice's enemy. Toga is angry that he doesn't need a hero in a world that is easy to live.

My Hero Academia [Volume 28, Episode 274] Spoiler "Search"

Endeavor presses down the dead tree with all his might, but the dead tree in the fire is still alive for some reason. The playback speed is breakneck.

It feels like you got everything with the power of all-for-one, and if you get one-for-all in your head, you can go above all-for-one. I feel.

Using the character of the search taken from the ragdoll, the dead tree flies to Izuku. When Izuku felt that, he started moving to guide the dead higashi to a place where no one was there.

My Hero Academia [Volume 28, Episode 275] Spoilers "Encounter 2"

Ideku, who moved to guide dead trees, was accompanied by bombers. The bomber still feels responsible for the all-might case, feeling that he must defeat the dead tree with his own hands.

The dead tree stopped using the heroes' radios due to jamming radio waves, and at the next moment, he appeared in front of Ideku and his friends. Two people strongly imagine "death."

Gran Turin helped such two people. The eraser head's individuality was used to block the dead tree's character, and the heroes tried to defeat the dead tree with all their might.

My Hero Academia [Volume 28, 276] Spoilers "Cheat is...!"

A dead pattern tree whose personality is blocked by the eraser head. I knew that Endeavor's attack was terrible in this state, but I knew that Dead Tree was used, but I used my left hand to catch Endeavor. A dead tree has a robust fundamental power without individuality. It's like almighty.

At that time, the brainless people who started moving according to the dead tree's instructions also started to move.

With the eraser head in danger, the eraser head looks at the dead tree to protect the students.

My Hero Academia [Volume 28, Episode 277] Spoilers, "Who is it?"

One for All is robbed. Grant Turin said this was the worst, but in Ideku, the worst thing happened was that the eraser head would die, so he jumped out to help the eraser head. Deku attacks the dead tree in cooperation with the bomber, but of course, it does not work. But Endeader also came in between the two attacks.

Gran Turin will also be present, but Death Karaki shook away Endeavors and went back to Izuku. Ideku, who is alone.

However, it was a decoy than a bomber who was not recognized as an enemy by the death tree set up to attack the dead tree. You can also read about One Punch Man Anime.

Impressions of my hero academia [volume 28]

It can be said that the real decisive battle has begun because the dead tree awoke. The power of collapse is more vital than during the war with the Destro, and it is unbeatable.

In this state, it is the eraser head that is more useful in battle than anyone else. When I said to protect my students, I thought Eraserhead would die, so I thought it was terrific when Ideku helped me.

Personally, my favorite thing was that I was able to see the fight with Present Mike.

My Hero Academia [Vol.29] Expectations

The Serpent's Hospital is gone, and the battleground is entirely downtown.

Thanks to Izuku's guidance, I was a little far from where the citizens are, but if the dead tree enormously collapses again, the town will be swallowed all at once. At Gunship Sanso, Gigantomakia, who should not wake up, has woken up. Gigantomakia, which was called by the dead tree and started to move, cannot be stopped easily.

I think it will spread the damage even further and wrap the city in fear and despair.


In this article, I have summarized the contents of "My Hero Academia" Volume 28, released on Friday, September 4, 2020.